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Double trouble in the north island backcountry

November 02, 2016

A recent trip with my mate Ben into the north island backcountry produced a simply epic moment that will be pretty hard to forget.

The first sight of the gin clear backcountry river made our long walk in well worth while, and with the first pool we got to having a good number of rainbow trout feeding down deep the scene was set for an awesome trip. After getting Ben set up wth light weight realistic nymph with a super long drift, it wasn't long before his reel was screaming! A nice fat 5lb rainbow was a perfect start to the trip! We managed to land another 9 fish that afternoon before settling down for the night in one of nz's fantastic doc huts! The next morning we woke to patchy fog and the day turned into a bit of an anglers nightmare with patchy sunlight coming and going between clouds and a stiff cold breeze made for a terrible glare on the water and spotting the spooky trout became pretty hard, but with a bit of persistence and my eagle eyes we managed to land plenty more trout that morning! At about 4pm the clouds buggered off and the wind died just as we reached an awesome looking pool that had multiple good size trout in it. I spotted a good size brown in the depths of the pool which many anglers would have consider to be an uncatchable but with the right drift and the right fly there's no such thing as uncatchable trout (well in the north island anyway). Ben had his eyes firmly set on the big bow that was feeding hard at the head of the pool, so as soon as I hooked into the brown Ben let rip with a big stimulator and the rainbow just couldnt resist Itself! With two reels going nuts and trout jumping everywhere it was hard not to get caught up in the moment! With my brown starting to tire first I put the pressure on Ben to get his bow in, which was easyier said than done! But lucky as soon as I landed the brown, I was able to land bens bow in the same net only seconds later! Setting up what was a fantastic end to an awesome trip!

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