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Tuna Time...on the Fly!

August 03, 2016

Amazing to us how few anglers in the PNW realize the abundance of Albacore Tuna off our coast, how close they can be and how readily they take to flies. We have been pursuing tuna in our region for well over 10 years with various captains covering a wide range of ports along the Oregon and Washington coast.

While you can definitely get away with 10wt rods, we recommend a 12 for the simple fact that tossing 500 grain heads and substantial flies is done with a bit more ease and when these bullets of solid muscle sound on you, you are set up with more lifting power because that is what they are going to do.

Nearly any fly with a silver and blue profile is going to work. When tossing a few baitfish out the back, we also like to let a "herring head" fly just drop through the water column letting the tuna pick it up on their way by. Otherwise stripping the fly back at a variety of paces will undoubtedly bring your line tight.

Big thing here is finding a captain who believes in pursuit on the fly. Many will say yes only to force jigging or bait fishing upon the group so if you have a competent group of fly anglers, seek out a captain who is excited to watch you bring in some fish because you are going to!

Season is on from now until early October or until weather shuts it down.

Any questions let us know!