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As the founder of Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters, I have been a fully qualified captain since 1996. My 100GT Masters license is awarded by the US ...

snapper hole still the spot

March 13, 2017

. The first day they hooked up a large hammer head shark in the lightest rod we had on board. I was anchored electronically with my I-Pilot. I came off anchor and we chased it down about an hour later. The day ended with a nice catch of trigger fish and Lane snappers. On the next day I had another father son group. We went to the same spot and caught lots of fish the kid was 15 years old and a diehard fisherman He wanted something big, I knew there were some bog sharks in the area and hoped we hook up with one. Sure enough he did. The fish was huge based on the rate it peeled line off the reel I came off the anchor again and the chase began. I never saw a kid so determined. He fought that fish for 2.5 hours we chased it over 2 miles not counting the loops we did. He was persistent never handing the rod off or making the fatal move of tightening the drag, finally the leader 40 pound Andy line gave. On the way home we stopped at a reef closer to the shore that holds barracuda. I put some live bait out with circle hooks and it didn’t take long for him to get a nice barracuda in the boat. His smile was fantastic.