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STRIPERS FROM THE BEACH + Funny Fish on Nantucket, MV and Cape Cod.

October 02, 2016

Fall run. It is here. The bass have moved back into local estuaries to chase the big pogies that have shown up, avoiding competition with the bluefish and false albacore which are still patrolling our waters. The water is still surprisingly warm, so warm that last weekend I as catching blue runners in Nantucket Harbor. One of these days we are going to get a report of mahi-mahi being caught from beach, I swear it.

The fishing has been excellent at night along the south shore of Nantucket, and I have seen similar reports for the outer cape and Martha's Vineyard. It is a great time of year to fish as the species are set to move south soon enough and know they need to fuel up for their journey. The top water bite for bass has not come back, but throwing flies like a white deceiver or sand eel has been deadly for all species. At night, think dark with your lures and plugs; black bombers, sp minnows, black or purple sluggos are all killers. If you are planning to release your fish, consider de-barbing the treble hooks...not a bad practice when fishing at night anyways as the hooks always find a way into your hand.

Tight Lines!