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Snapper hole hot again

June 05, 2017

I took a couple out to the snapper hole for their anniversary. They had a really good day. The weather was over cast with high probability of rain with very flat seas. There was a large storm south of us using the radar I determined it was 10 miles away and was going to move past us without affecting us, that was the only rain issue we encountered till we got home. The first spot was 12 miles north east of Fort Pierce Inlet. The water temperature was 78 degrees, water clarity was 25 feet. We were using cut squid and then a combination of cut squid and cut grunts. I also bought live bait on the way out from a guy in the inlet. Besides the triple hook chicken rig they each had I put a two live baits on top with floats and a live bait on the bottom, I also put a grunt head on a long line on the bottom

I made lots of moves throughout the day, each from several hundred feet to .3 miles, northerly. By using my I-Pilot to anchor moving is really painless and easy. We caught lots of grunts and short vermilion snapper also a lot of short trigger fish. They caught several nice Lane Snapper, 2 legal dolphin, a real nice mutton snapper, I very nice gray snapper (mangrove snapper), and a very large nurse shark about 9 feet long.

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