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Nice mutton caught

May 11, 2017

I took a group out to the south end of the snapper hole. The depth was 80 feet, the sea surface temperature was 76 degrees, and the clarity was around 30 feet. Seas were dead flat and there was virtually no current. My minkota held us all day and used less than 25% of the battery power. We were able to fish with 4 ounces of lead. We were using cut squid to start with and then once we got some grunts on board we used a combination of cut grunt and cut squid on triple hook chicken rigs weight on the bottom. We were also using a rig made of a 3/0 circle hook on a 4 to 5 foot leader with an egg sinker. We used larger bait on the circle hooks, whole grunt head or whole grunt filet. We also had live bait out on a float with a 5/0 circle hook. We caught 1 real nice mutton snapper measuring just over 24”. There were 2 real nice mangrove snapper one measured at 18” and the other 22”. We caught a true red snapper that was released that measured out at 18”. We caught lots of vermilion snapper, but they all were to small to keep. We also caught several trigger fish as big a 16” There were 3 large sharks hooked we got one to the boat around a 10 foot nurse shark, A hammer head shark swam past the boat and took one of the live baits but bit off quickly. We did have an unusual passenger join us a small finch road with us for a while

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