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10 Oct 16 Reds and Sharks

October 10, 2016

Since Hurricane Matthew rolled up the east coast effecting our weather minimally, fishing in Matlacha and Pine Island sound has been good to great for red fishing. This is depending on if you find the schooling reds on the flats that make the great day or a good day picking them off in pot holes and along mangroves. The waters everywhere are muddy or deeply stained making visibility suck for sight fishing. Although I still sight fish I am looking for un-normality’s on the surface of the water to spot the fish. This last two-three weeks of dirty water has made what I thought was a red fish turn out to be a bull or black tip shark on a couple of occasions. Although not what I wanted to catch but still fun as heck while they’re peeling line off. This week the tides aren’t the greatest for my type of fishing as I like an incoming tide first thing of a morning. Yesterday I was out and the low tide was supposed to be a little above normal low tide but ended up being a huge negative tide with that strong NE wind. As normal I have been using large white bait for snook, reds and larger trout out on the flats and by structure. I’ve been using big pin fish for cut bait, 3-4” pins alive for reds and snook along with cut ladyfish. And the smaller pins and white bait to target snapper and enticing unwilling biting fish to bite.

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