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Almost Fall on the Sound

September 01, 2016

So with low expected returns of coho for the great Puget Sound, fishing was open or not open based on timing and which region of the Sound you were or are in. With this however sea run cutthroat fishing remains open and has been quite productive as of late and for those staying deep with their flies, a few surprises in form of resident chinook (blackmouth) have come to hand which are always a blast by fighting harder per square inch than any other fish in the Sound.

Reaching into September, most of us begin to get excited about the SRC fishing again as water temps begin to cool, kelp dissipates, the sun stays a bit lower in the sky and the weather sneaks up on us again. All good things for those fly fishing in Puget Sound for cutthroat.

By now, baitfish have become larger on the journey out of the Sound so fishing longer baitfish patterns will take care of representing the baitfish situation for you but don't for a minute think that the SRC's or coho who have returned won't hard charge your surface fly out there so go for it.

We still have some big tides coming up but daylight is becoming more scarce so start paying attention. We are always happy to help those who wander become a bit more focused when it comes to the Sound so just let us know.

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