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Hi folks! Captain Theophile (ToeFeel) Bourgeois here. The fishing here in South Louisiana has never been better. We have been reeling in speckled ...

Capt. Theophile got on a great trout bite in murky water!!

February 16, 2017

Finding the fish that will bite in off colored water is always a challenge. With a front and hard North winds, then high-powered South winds with a full moon, falling tide, the water is really shook-up and muddy. A charters confidence level quickly goes up with clean water and sight casting to visible fish.

It’s nice to search and find that quiet cove that has clean water and active fish, but with the current conditions there are very few areas much less with active fish ready to bite.

Well the next pattern would be current lines coming off the contours of the bays or cuts in the marsh moving water with the currents or winds. Theses current line can collect schools of bait fish and the trout and reds know it’s easy pickins for a quick meal!!

Capt. Theophile found a decent trout bite and picked up a few redfish at the same time. It was nice to catch such quality fish they didn’t need the ruler to measure a single fish all slot keepers!! The trout were caught on the bomber mud minnow silver flake and chartreuse working the current line.

The reds were caught using the same bait and a few on the gold spoon.

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