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As the founder of Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters, I have been a fully qualified captain since 1996. My 100GT Masters license is awarded by the US ...

Dolphin at the snapper hole

May 15, 2017

I took a group of 4 out to the snapper hole 13 miles NE of Fort Pierce inlet. The seas were 2 to 3 but a lot more three’s in the mix. The current was strong as well, between the 3 foot seas and the strong current my minkota trolling motor couldn’t keep us on anchor so we drifted. The sea temperature was 77 degrees and water clarity was great at least 30 feet of visibility. We were using cut squid and cut up grunts along with greenies as live bait We caught a lot of vermilion snapper with a couple being legal 3 nice size sea bass and a few lane snapper. We also caught a Bonita weighing in at 12 Pounds and a 37” dolphin at 13 pounds. One of the anglers had her chicken rig hanging over the gunwale with piece of squid on it, the dolphin swam right up to the boat and swallowed the squid luckily I saw it and was able to put the reel in free spool as soon as it happened because once he felt that hook he made a run. He jumped several times before we got him back to the boat. Seas started to build in the afternoon so we headed in a little early

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