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As the founder of Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters, I have been a fully qualified captain since 1996. My 100GT Masters license is awarded by the US ...

Bethel shoals fishing

June 03, 2017

After last week’s blow the water was dirty and cold but as this week progressed, the water warmed back up and cleared up. The last few trips to the snapper hole were difficult we were able to put a catch together but really had to work at moving around a lot. I decided to move north out past Bethel shoals into 80 feet of water. The water was 80 degrees and very clear. We had a lot of vermilion snapper most were short and a few nice lane snapper, but there were a lot of large trigger fish up to 20”. We also caught a large shark which the charter enjoyed fighting. We also caught a real nice size sea bass and a dolphin just over legal. The most unusual catch was a very large puffer fish, biggest I’d ever seen. I was checked by FWC back at the ramp when the officer looked in our box I knew he was thinking I got him. When he put it on his tape measure it was over the 20” minimum he almost looked disappointed, I told him I put it on my measuring stick and new it was a legal fish.

Body of water