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Puerto Vallarta fishing report April 2019

April 14, 2019

Puerto Vallarta fishing report April

Puerto Vallarta fishing report in April means some warmer water and all kinds of bait fish moving into our area. This is going to heat up the fishing tenfold. We're going to start seeing more Marlin, the big blues, the blacks and many more sailfsh. The mahi-mahi will be right behind them following in the huge schools are sardines and bait balls we're seeing right now in Puerto Vallarta.

Inside the bay the action is still crazy or on the Southside still seeing lots of fish by Los Animas. Lot of these trips were doing in 6 hours Great action fantastic fishing for the spring break and families that are coming down. Over on the North side seeing similar action but a few more Snapper and some sailfish over by Punta Mita.

Offshore action that's good I'm seeing some striped Marlin occasionally maybe a blue or black. As the bait moves in a little thicker will be getting to see more Marlin off all kinds. Sailish are always in the same area following the bait. We've been watching our Terrafin charts for the blue water and water temps putting us on top of the fish. We using lots of skip baits with some high-speed door seems to be very effective. Are live bait is still one of the best ways to catch fish using pitch baits. Live bait never leave home without it just like your credit card. So if you're looking for great action April fishing here in Puerto Vallarta is where to be. With all kinds of fish to be had. The weather still perfect and almost everyday flats seas here April in Puerto Vallarta can't be beat.

And if you're one of those folks that don't think money can buy happiness you've never been on one of our deep sea fishing charters.

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