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The Waters We Fish

October 18, 2016

Post Hurricane Matthew the fishing hasn't been bad, but it hasn't been great either. There's a lot of freshwater finally leaving the creeks and who knows what else has changed across the bottom of the waters we fish.

I went to hunt a flood tide with Paul and Eli, only to find fish that weren't to interested in Eli's fly. After an hour or two of relentlessly disagreeable fish, we broke the drone out and chased a few friends down who were also out trying to find a fish.

As we watched them pole across the flat I thought about how lucky I am to enjoy experiences unfolding in front of me.

This seems a bit counterproductive as I write this... on a fishing report... on a fishing website, but I sometimes need to be reminded that my time on the water is about more than just fish. And, I believe others could benefit from that idea as well.

We who live in the Low Country and everyone in various other coastal communities are unbelievably lucky to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and overall beauty of saltwater.

I returned to Hilton Head Island, my native home, to help friends and family clean up some of the mess Matthew left behind. Whilst doing so, I escaped for a moment to cast a few flies and enjoy the early morning marsh. There's nothing better.

The fact of the matter is: Words don't do it justice. Look at the pictures and find your way here.

Charleston, Hilton Head Island, the Low Country as a whole, there's nothing better.


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