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Low Tide, Long Fish

June 01, 2017

It's been awhile since I've been able to post here. Between Flood Tide Co and Spotting Tails, I've been extremely busy.

Chartering has not been the easiest job here in Charleston recently. With tons of wind, buckets of rain, and lots of pressure from storms the fish have been elusive. On a charter a few days ago, we finally had a break in the weather and got out there for some nice sunny conditions. Well, we caught 'em but they weren't redfish! We ended up catching only flounder the whole trip! Goes to show that fishing is a mixed bag. You can believe your a good fisherman and you still don't know what you'll get.


I had the pleasure of doing some scouting the past two days with my friend Omar. We wanted to check a few new spots we marked on Google Maps. After having a few unsuccessful scouting missions a few weeks ago, Poseidon finally blessed us. We showed up to the new spot at the perfect time. Tail after tail presenting itself out of the water like ghosts moving through the chocolate brown, muddy water. We finally found them! Of course in our excitement we made enough noise to hear us from a country mile away. But we still managed to snag a big fella! We went back the next night and found our business partners happy to oblige for another round.

As I always say, any day on the water in the Low Country is a damn good day.


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