Trout Bandits

Trout Bandits artwork is a form of creativity that expresses the beauty of fishing with the beauty of where fishing takes you.

Who are trout bandits

February 03, 2017

We would like to say thanks to everyone who spoke out against the sale of our public lands. If it wasn't for public land our art would not be possible. With our art we work on combining fish with a landscape. It's not always about how many or how big of fish you catch. Remember to take a look around you. The scenery can be just as beautiful if not more spectacular then the fish. Be aware of where that fish took you to catch it. And remember keep it public.


Great looking angling art. We in Idaho are of 63% public lands, but must fight for every inch, even our legislators would prefer it under state=eventual private control. Gregg
Guess who's in favor of selling off our public lands? We need to get going protecting our heritage....