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The closure of the Yellowstone River

August 24, 2016

Many phone calls and emails have been coming at us here at Hatchfinder's Fly Shop from concerned folks wanting information on the closure. We are all heartbroken over it. Thousands of Mountain Whitefish and a handful of trout have died from a PKD (proliferative kidney disease) outbreak. Test done by Fish, Wildlife and Parks have indicated that the mortality rates are still rising despite our cooler weather and water temperatures. Testing also indicates that the pathogen in the river is extremely high killing off some of the Mountain Whitefish before they even have time to develop symptoms. This means that the spread to other waters is very high. Keeping our tributaries closed is extremely important. "Clean-Drain-Dry" is critical. Folks must clean their waders, boots, neoprene socks, etc with hot soapy water and allow to fully dry. Boats, trailers, oars, anchor rope, etc. all need the same treatment. We all have a responsibility to look after the health of our rivers and streams. It is a sad time, but the Yellowstone River will prevail. Tight lines.

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