Golden Dorado, Small Water - Big Adventure

October 16, 2016

We are not only a regional guide service and fly fishing store, we also have a robust travel program taking our staff all over the globe in pursuit of fish on the fly. This pas week, we returned from some smaller jungle waters of Argentina getting after some Golden Dorado.

For those who fly fish and enjoy sight casting surface flies to large, beautifully colored, aggressive fish in small water, this is a trip built for you. The small stream is broken into several different beats affording anglers to experience different water for most of the trip.

Fish range in size from 2-3 pounds up to 20 with aerials rivaled by no other freshwater fish on the planet. Rods from 6-8wt are recommended for the large flies and if solitude an important recipe to total enjoyment of a trip, you won't see another angler aside of the possible natives...eagles, wild cats and other fauna of the region.

Our trip was absolutely perfect weather wise as we had some night time thunder storms with some rain but partially cloudy to blue bird days each day allowing many fish we targeted to be spotted prior to a single cast being throw.

Would highly recommend this trip to the adventurous fly angler and would be happy to discuss any questions with anyone.

Body of water

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