Running the Coast Movie. Notes from the water. Official selection FFF Tour.

January 06, 2017

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We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

Five years later, after 1,000 miles of saltwater and sand it was worth it all to give the striped bass their day in the sun. After seeing their numbers decline for a decade, we went out to intercept the migration, find the best moments, and let the world could share in their remarkable behavior. A fish willing to swim into a foot of water by a backyard dock at low tide, then crash a topwater fly 500 miles up the coast, and fill an entire acre with churning water as they blitzed bait schools. One day we found them swimming on placid flats that looked like the caribbean then later they were moving through storms and happily eating in a nor'easter like it's their job. Who else does that? 1 pound or 100. Something impossible is possible on every cast. Crazy. Now the movie is done. And we can celebrate stripers (aka rockfish) and hope we can get their numbers up as more swim away to reproduce for mayhem in next year's migration. Lefty Kreh emailed last week to share his excitement after watching the movie. That may mean we are on the right track. Glad we can finally share it!

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Amazing job ! I'm looking forward to seeing more of it on the 27th in NYC !