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How To Be A Fly Angler (In Just Three Days)

September 26, 2016

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Of course fly fishing is a life-long pursuit and even the experts can’t know everything, but to start fly fishing, it’s not as hard as you might have thought. I’d be willing to put money down that you can become a fly angler in just three days. By that I mean a fly-casting, fish-catching, fishy-knowledge-knower, in just a single long weekend.

The biggest trend in the running world right now is the “couch to finish” races, the ones where complete non-runners become real, competing athletes, even finishing road races, within a short time window. Let’s call this the “Couch To River Guide To Become A Fly Angler In Just Three Days.” Follow these steps and you can start catching fish and planning trips like a regular fly fishing guide.