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Spring has Sprung

April 12, 2017

Well the colder days have almost been completely replaced by the random CO weather of spring. This means it could be sunny and warm one minute and sleet or even snow the next. However, we are seeing mostly dry and sunny conditions (which hopefully won't lead to problems later) this spring.

Fishing has been awesome but rivers have been crowded since many have hung up the skis and boards for the season. Be prepared to explore if you want solo missions!

I've been having lots of success on midge and bwo nymphs tied with jig style hooks #14-#18. Weighted to get down into the column quick! I've been using mostly dry dropper and double dropper combos. I'd prefer not to use a bobber but sometimes in faster runs where the different currents and seams are difficult to drift it has helped. Hares ears with pink beads have been killer lead flies!

Watch out for spawning rainbows and leave em alone to do their biz! Target browns waiting for easy meals. I'm not big into egg patterns but they can be effective right now.

Enjoy the weather and get ready summer is coming!!

Tight lines!

Jason Paez


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