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Bottom fishing of Fort Pierice

July 19, 2017

I took a father and his 2 sons out to the reef today. The water clarity was amazing and sea temperature was 82 degrees. Seas were dead flat with a very slight breeze current was running pretty good requiring 6 ounces of lead t ho; d bottom. The oldest boy was 14 neither had fished in the ocean before. We started at the 6 mile reef off Fort Pierce Fla not many snapper there but lots of nice size barracuda, since they were staying at Club Med and couldn't take fish home with them We tried to hook up with one of the barracudas. We had several hook ups but the kept biting off finally we hooked one in the corner of the mouth and got him to the boat. I netted him, took a few pictures and then released him back. From there we headed to the snapper hole where they caught a lot of vermilion snappers and a few lane snapper. They also caught a lot of trigger fish. The oldest son also caught a real nice size porgy. All the fish were released. Some storms started forming so we headed in, Using the radar to guild us around the storms we were able to stay dry.

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