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Alex Ford is a traveling fly-fisherman currently in NYC. He is well known for traveling to world-class fishing destinations without catching ...

Wild Browns 1 Hour from NYC

September 22, 2016

This past weekend I headed out to the Croton watershed in upstate New York with Pat McEvoy, only an hours drive from downtown Manhattan. The Croton watershed has a multitude of reservoirs, and as a result there is a wide network of tailwaters which are teeming with wild brown trout. We were able to coax a few up to the surface with terrestial patterns, size 16 ants and beetles. Later on in the afternoon the terrestials died down and we were catching them on various mayfly patterns, including tricos and blue wing olives. The biggest trout we had was about 10 inches, but you could see how this water could definitely hold much bigger trout. We'll be back soon!

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