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Take a Bite of the Big One

November 09, 2017

Another season of fishing has come to an end here in Montanaland, and we want to thank all of our fishing friends for another great year shared chasing trout together. It was a good one to be sure, and we are grateful for your business and the amazing angling opportunities we have to offer in the Big Sky state.

It's a bit early to start monitoring snowpack for next season, but it's been stacking up lately and most drainages are about 200% of normal right now. Hopefully we'll keep building on that solid start with the la nina winter that has been forecasted for our region and have plenty of water to get us through the summer season.

For our fishing guides this is the playtime period of the year - big game and bird hunting, skiing all this early snow, and traveling to warmer climes in search of exotic fish. We'll be out there having fun and resting up for next season which will start in a few short months. If you get the itch to fish this winter let us know; there are good opportunities on tailwater rivers and spring creeks when the conditions cooperate.

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