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Puget Sound, Now or....NOW!

November 16, 2016

At times we wonder if anyone is listening to the drum we continue to beat. This time of year tides are totally out of whack with what conditioned anglers would be looking for so this keeps many off our local saltwater. Good news for those who get this simple point...the sea run cutts don't really think about tide levels, they are seeking food and moving forward with "business as usual" meaning as long as you can get a cast out there, you are likely to find fish willing to play.

Shorter daylight hours mean taking advantage of what time you have so don't worry about tides being perfect, pay closer attention to the beaches you can fish when tides aren't in your favor and get out there. This is a part of the learning process for any fishery but most certainly this one.

Yesterday, high tide was with little movement through the middle of the day, rather neapish but fish were caught and on surface flies to boot. So, the question is do you fish Puget Sound now? Answer should be YES!

Body of water