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Merry Fishmas from Puerto Vallarta fishing charters

December 02, 2017

The fishing action in Puerto Vallarta is hot and getting better. The sailfish are thick and are roaming inside the bay and even more on the outside of the bay.

The bay fishing in Nuveo Vallarta has been fantastic the last few days. This means some short fishing trips and some great whale watching. The few trips that we have done the whales have moved in the bay of Puerto Vallarta and will be here until April . The bay fish is prodcing mixed bag of mahi mahi and snapper just to mention a few. The bonita are also plentiful. The Spanish macjerel are moving in which is great for bay fishing and making cerchive. Our recipe can’t be beat and evenone enjoys the extra treat.. For bay fishing your best bet is 6 hrs and then a little time whale watching for a unbeilble vaction day here in Puerto Valalrta Mexcio.

The offshore fishing around the Corbetena has been fantastic the last few trips with marlin, tuna and sailfish. There are also some dorados mixed in these fishing trips. The very best fishing has been arriving early and catching chorros or live Bonitas . These baits can’t be beat for producing huge marlin and giant tuna. The water temp. has dropped a couple of deg. But is still hold around 78 deg in most places. The marlin action is hot and will get better. Come out with us and give Puerto Vallarta fishing a try here in beautiful Mexico

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Merry Fishmas

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