Eric Belanger

Ontario, Canada Amberjack Regional Representative. Eric is 25 years old and founded Canadian River Angler to help new and seasoned anglers ...

Making the most of it.

June 30, 2017

Say your that guy for 5, 10 heck 15+ years just tying trout flies and consistently chasing trout and cold water species here in North America I'm sorry to say it. But your a fool.

Small mouth bass are without a doubt one of the most hardest fighting fresh water fish. They don't do big runs like a salmon or steelhead but they don't give up. They take topwater flies super aggressively, always jump and put on an impressive show all the way to the net.

Just want to say get out there spin up some big foam ants or grasshoppers if you like to fish small, it feels like your trout fishing! But with harder fighting fish.

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