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Two Salmon at Sea

January 06, 2017

This video follows two Atlantic salmon tagged on the Restigouche River, straddling the Quebec/New Brunswick border, as they head to sea.

These fish spawned in Fall 2015 and overwintered in fresh water. Both are on their way to ocean feeding grounds off Greenland.

ASF's research team helped develop the technology to track Atlantic salmon at sea. Now we lead the way on putting it to use. Knowing exactly where Atlantic salmon go, and how they behave in the ocean is critical to conservation.

High-tech tracking traces the path Atlantic salmon take on their swim to Greenland. ASF's science team helped develop this technology and leads the way in putting it to use. Here's a video log of two Atlantic salmon that left the Restigouche River after spawning in 2016. Knowing where these fish travel and how they behave allows us to target conservation efforts where they will have the greatest effect.

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Can't help but wonder about the size of the tags. Worrisome. Gregg