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When in Sudan...

May 26, 2017

We are not the average fly shop and guide service. Yes, others travel but few are willing to put their neck on the line by taking some of your most valuable clients and customers into the unknown. We do it regularly because we believe in creating memories and the best way to do that is to make every fly fishing encounter an adventure.

We took a group of young talented anglers to Sudan and Oman for some GT and Trigger fishing on the Red Sea and Persian Gulf and there was nothing from the moment we stepped on the plane here in Seattle to the time we arrived home that wasn't thrilling about this trip!

The Nubian Desert receives about 1-2 inches of rain a year and we brought it with us. Add to that excessive winds, a crazy dust storm and some desert lightning while living on a 40 foot catamaran.

Chest deep and taking waves to the head while casting 8 inch flies to these predators along the edge of a coral shelf knowing a hook up is an inevitable swim is something many will draw the line on, knowing the bottomless blue abyss in front of you is home to a variety of large sharks.

All in all, 3 rods were broken, 3 reels exploded and many fly lines either lost or destroyed and we returned with a lifetime of stories, a very closely bonded group of anglers and the beautiful surroundings of the north Sudan coast permanently burned into our heads.

Good times, join us on our next one...

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