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Hodgemen H5 Wader Review

September 25, 2017

Hodgemen H5 Wader Review

When I first got into the fly fishing game about 5-6 year ago now my first pair of waders where Hodgemens. I was super excited cause these where my first breathe-able waders from previously having neoprene waders making me look like Robin Hood..

I’ll say when Hodgemen released their new line of EXTREMELY improved waders I was very impressed. The quality and build is very similar to Simms but with a couple bells and whistles.

Hodgemen incorporated a liner called Core-Ins. A fleece liner that zips and buttons inside of the waders for winter use to keep you warmer and more comfortable while steelheading or winter trout fishing. So you can wear less layers to keep warmer.

The booties on these waders feature anatomically correct left and right foot booties for more comfort in your wading boot. I know on some booties they like to cram into the wading boot and bulge causing some un-comfort.

These waders also feature Comfort Fit gravel guards. It’s material with an elastic grippy bottom with a lace hook. WAY better then traditional neoprene guards. No extra pressure on your ankle. And keeps all debris, sand and gravel out of your boots.

The H5 means 5 layers of protection on the legs and seat area of your waders. The grey part. This material is puncture resistant and very durable. There’s no inside leg seams. About 80% of leaks are caused by the seams between your legs rubbing together causing wader failure. The upper lighter part is 3 layer for breathe-ability.

All in all for about 300 USD 400 CDN. Depending on the dollar you can have a very good wader without breaking the bank.

I’ll be doing another review in a years time to let you guys know how these are holding up.

Thanks for reading.

Tight lines.


Isn't the company called Hodgman not Hodgemen? Wondering if the reviewer actually owns the waders...