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Fly Fish Greenland? Heck Yes!!

August 10, 2017

It may not be on everyone's radar as a "destination" to take yourself to for fly fishing but maybe it should be! We just returned from a couple weeks up there and it is amazing in every way.

First and foremost, flying in provides a view of things only seen on Nat Geo and the perspective is such that an entirely new appreciation for grandiose is easy to come away with. The ice cap atop this island is massive, at times only leave the tip top of the mountains it rests on exposed above meaning the ice is at time thousands of feet deep...simply crazy!

Secondly, the fishing is outstanding but only if you thoroughly enjoy seeing sites only seen here, icebergs floating around you, herds of reindeer and the occasional fox. If you can stay focused on fishing with all of this around you will find the local resident and migratory Char are very willing participants and range in size from 16 inches to 7 pounds in size, maybe even larger.

Small streams and the lakes they link to the ocean are literally filled with these Char in gin clear water most of the time and because of their size don't require a tremendous cast to cover them well.

If interested at all in traveling here, please be in touch as we would go back in a heart beat and our travel journal on this trip will be on our site here soon.

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