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NANTUCKET 4th of July Report: Bluefish, Stripers, Squid and Tourists

July 06, 2016

If you're looking for a sure thing this week, cast a line downtown a the Gazebo or Straight Wharf Bar, you're guaranteed to hook up.

The water warmed considerably on the north side of the Island (Nantucket Sound) but there is still cool water on the south side beaches and at the rips. Bluefish have been abundant during the day at the rips, and my buddy Griz has been slaying Blues on the fly from his kayak on the north shore. The key to catching bigger bass is to focus on dawn and dusk. If you are comfortable doing so, fish the dark of the night on the south shore beaches. It can take some time to find the fish, but once you do you can have sustainable action with big fish. Please only keep the fish you will eat, new limit is one fish per angler per day and the fish must measure 28 inches.

The squiding heated up and we had a load of kids ages 4 -75 behind the Anglers Club catching squid all weekend. It is a great activity with kids and there are always locals who will use for bait for for the frying pan.

Still some bass in the Harbor. Got into some schoolies who were very agressive. It is encouraging to see the number of fish, large and small, this spring and early summer around Nantucket. Clearly the hard work of local fishermen to restrict the commercial squid boats is paying off. It is the hope of most fishermen that the state, and others in New England, will go to slot limits for Stripers. This way we can protect the breeding fish and ensure an excellent fishery for our children and beyond.

Even picked up a big scup on the fly this weekend...who knows what will happen next. We are hopeful to see football tuna and mahi show up south in the near future. I know there have been loads of whales south of ACK and only a matter of time.

Tight lines,