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The Start of Fall

September 19, 2016

The Eagle River is still producing some great fishing but you have to work for it. Going into fall, the fish have seen a lot of different flies and presentations at this point in the year but they are hungry. Pay attention to the fishing and weather conditions to determine where the fish might be feeding in the water column. I have mostly been fishing the Upper Eagle lately but both stretches are good. Fishing hopper droppers seems to do the trick but more streamer action is on the horizon!

Chernobyl ants have been the hopper that gets the most looks and strikes lately.

Dropped with either magic fly, PTs, RS-2, rainbow warrior, juju beatis, and two bit hooker. These I have been going #18-#20.

If the hopper doesn't work, try and throw a smaller ant pattern to change it up!

Body of water