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Lots of trigger fish at the sanpper hole

May 06, 2017

I took 5 guys out to the snapper hole the other day. Seas were flat in the morning sea surface temperature was just over 75 degrees there was a strong current requiring us to increase the amount of lead to 6 and 8 ounces. My Minkota I-Pilot was working hard to keep us on spot but was able to keep us on the fish. We burned through the first bank of batteries in 3 hours and weren’t quite ready to call it a day so I switched to the second bank of batteries on the last move of the day. We were using triple hook chicken rigs made with 40 pound pink andy line and 3/0 hooks. For bait we had cut squid and started using cut grunts. There were a lot of grunts caught as well as undersize vermilion snapper. At first the trigger fish were undersize as well. I made several moves and we finally got into some nice size trigger fish along with a few legal vermilion snapper and a couple of lane snapper. On the last move of the day we ran into a school of lesser amber jacks and caught a half dozen. By the end of the day we ended up keeping 11 nice size trigger fish and 4 amber jacks. By 1:00 pm the wind had come up and seas were starting to build so we called it a day and headed home with a very tiered crew

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