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Double Up

December 29, 2016

It's been a while since I last posted as we cut through the busy Christmas season here at Flood Tide Co!

I decided to look back at some pictures and do a little report of my most memorable recent fishing trip.

A few days before Christmas, good friend and fellow guide, Shep and I went out for some Low Tide fish at the crack of dawn. It was frigid when we left in the morning and of course I forgot my gloves! We moved out as I shivered and in a few minutes stopped at the first spot we wanted to check. We cruised through and quickly found a few schools who were so far back in the skinny stuff it was hard to get a fly to them, especially with the moderate wind. We saw a few nudging our way with tails and backs out. A quick cast and a few strips and BAM! We got probably the smallest guy in the bunch!

After waiting through Low Tide we cruised to another spot. As we poled a bank edge we watched a dolphin erupt on a school of fish. Guess we should head the other way. No fish are going to bite behind the dolphin...

As we cruised the bank we started seeing some nervous water ahead. We got the fly rods ready and as we poled closer ended up finding a school of easily a hundred fish or more!

After spooking them twice and multiple casts I finally hooked into one! Shep quickly dropped the pushpole and made a few casts hooking into another. After a good few minutes of fighting the two fish we brought them into the boat. Shep's easily topped out over 35".

We poled for a while longer and found a lot more fish, but none who were wanting to play nicely.

I've got to say, even with frozen fingers and a wind blown face, winter low tide fishing is some of my favorite the Low Country has to offer. Nothing beats the big schools, clear water, and room to run!


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