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Bonefishing for Striped Bass - Sightfishing Cape Cod's South Side Flats on Paddle Boards

June 27, 2016

I have been going to the same beach since I was 5 years old. I learned to swim here, drank my first (warm)beers here and spent far too many nights trying to convince cute summer girls to hang out late night.

Not until yesterday did I ever fish here.

My buddy RD, who practically lives at the beach, has been telling me that he's been seeing stripers on his morning paddles. No offense bud, but I wasn't convinced. I thought maybe you'd had 7 too many mudslides at Baxters or Trader Ed's.

Anyways yesterday Rd, my wife and I set out for a paddle into some estuaries on the falling tide. We spooked a number of fish holding in deeper water. I think a sluggo/hogy with a jig head would have killed - I only had my fly rod. The estuary was loaded with bait, mostly silver sides and mumachugs, some smaller minnows schooled up in huge groups too. This is important for matching the fly/bait - minnow impressions and nothing too big on the south side of the Cape.

As we rounded back out of the estuary, cruising with the outgoing tide, we rounded the breakwater and paddled back along an immense flat. Almost immediately RD and I spotted black torpedos in the crystal clear water of Nantucket Sound. The flat itself is only 400 yards long, but in that drift we saw over 20 fish and at one point I had 4 keepers crashing on my fly just ten feet in front of our boards. Not landing a fish was a bummer, but watching my buddy's face during the action was just the best. He gave me that "NOW I KNOW WHY YOU DO THIS" look more than a few times.

The fish are here and the water is clear and cold on the south side. We do not have much more of this before the bluefish and tourists arrive and screw everything up. Try to get out there this week, even in the middle of the day. The flats from Poppenesset all the way east to Hyannis are holding Stripers. You can wade most of them, but a stand up paddle board is by far the best way to target these finicky fish.



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