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Jurassic Lake - The Best Trout Fishing in the World

December 06, 2017

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We recently had the experience of a lifetime this fishing "Jurassic Lake" in Argentine Patagonia out of Jurassic Lake Lodge. We, like many avid fly fishers, had heard tell of this lake and the monster fish that call it home. It did not disappoint. Taking into account numbers of fish and the incredible average size of the fish, we would venture to say there is not a better trout fishing location on the planet right now.

When the wind was ripping stronger, the fishing is better. Good thing, because the wind never let up and neither did the giant, acrobatic ‘bows. This lake is unique, not just for the average 12 lb rainbow trout and possibility of 100+ fish days, but for its history. In short, over 20 years ago rainbows were introduced into the Río Barrancoso that flows into Lago Strobel aka “Jurassic Lake”. As it turns out, they did better than fine, making their way down to the lake and gorging on an incredible scud population in its clear aqua waters. It is now pretty standard to see many fish over 15 lbs during a week of fishing and a few in the 20+ lb class.

During the week we spent at Jurassic Lake Lodge we were spoiled with unparalleled fishing, hospitality and a menu one could never expect to dine on 3 hours from the nearest town. Stay tuned to our social media for more tales from Jurassic Lake Lodge. We can’t thank the crew down there enough, Carlos, Llew, William, all of the guides and other staff, you made this week one that will be impossible to match. Mil gracias.

-Garrison and Corinne Doctor, RepYourWater Founders

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