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Summertime Yak

July 28, 2016

Not what is sounds like, we are actually referring to fly fishing on the Yakima River in the summer. This river is the main source of water for the Yakima Valley agricultural mecca of produce and wine so flows are increase during the summer months to accommodate the demands of the region.

Wild rainbow's and Westslope cutthroat call the river home as do whitefish. Most of the cutts are in the upper reaches of the river while rainbows inhabit its entire length from headwaters to Roza dam. Average size is around 12-14 inches but larger fish are present, you just have to work them out of the holding spots.

Walk and wade trips are difficult this time of year as high swift water makes it a bit treacherous. That said, with a one person boat or a drift boat/raft, long floats make for some fun days.

Typically early AM is great with PMD's and some early caddis action and by mid day, we are entering the hopper season over here so tossing hoppers against the grassy banks will certainly move some fish.

Many nymph through the middle of the day, we at tend to prefer throwing big streamers. Inner tubers will inundate the river in many sections by mid day so plan a long lunch and siesta and await the evening caddis action. If time is not your friend, we would suggest sleeping in and getting work done on the yard in the AM while it is cool and hit the river for the last 3-5 hours of daylight where you will see more surface activity.

Have a great weekend!

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