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A Double Happy New Year on Puget Sound!

January 03, 2017

Going to keep this pretty short. The Sound is fishing as well as we have seen in it in past years. South Sound as nearly always continues to be the location for more consistent action on the water with both resident Coho as well as sea run Cutthroat.

The only real difference noticed over the past couple weeks has been the tendency for the fish to be paying attention to a faster retrieve than normal. Usually a slightly faster than casual strip works but only when we sped the flies up did we find the fish slicing the surface in front of us actually take our flies. These two were both caught on our Sound Searcher which is a surface fly emulating an injured baitfish. Bottom line is if you live in the area, get out and fish. Need help knowing where to go because it is new, let us know, happy to help make that first time a successful one!

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