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Keep Calm and Fish On

August 30, 2016

We have some good news for you, dear fishy friend - Fall is coming on quick and despite what you may have heard, Montana is not all aflame and all of our fish have not perished. Despite some seemingly bad local and national press on Montana lately, life and fishing has been pretty darn good here. We'll tell you more about the Yellowstone River closure story below, but rest assured that your fall fishing plans are in good standing.  

Late summer is usually a lull in the season we gladly partake in and enjoy before the final push through fall to the end of the fishing season in November. Despite lower than ordinary flows on many of our blue-ribbon rivers, occasional hazy days due to wildfires in western Montana and beyond, and a couple 90+degree spells, it has been a relatively cool and enjoyable August with some very good fishing. September is forecasted to begin with highs in the 60s and 70s, so let's hope that sets the tone for the next couple months ahead

Montana is a quieter place in the Fall season with kids in school and hunters in the fields and mountains, and we like it. For the traveling angler it is a great season to focus on trout in their prime shape of the year and take in the autumn colors and scenery on your favorite body of water. Join us for a trip this Fall and you will not be disappointed, we promise.

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