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A Man's First Redfish

October 24, 2016

I had the pleasure of taking my college roommate and his father on a guided trip this Saturday. We started the afternoon trying to fish the flood tide, but the wind had different plans. It was whippin' and made it difficult to find fish on the flood. We looked but to no avail.

We ended up running far back into a creek and started fishing the edge of a bank drop off. After about ten minutes, the tide started moving a bit quicker and the fishing was on! The first rod screamed off moments after the line hit the water and Danny reeled in the first redfish. Soon after another line was in the water, the rod doubled over and started peeling line off. After a few minutes of fighting the fish, Mr. Bruce had the opportunity to cradle in his hands the first redfish he had ever caught. It's always a special moment for a guide to have someone catch their first redfish (or any species) on their boat.

After a few minutes, we moved spots and got our lines back in the water. We caught a small rat red and a few oyster (ha ha). Then once again we had another drag peeler. After a short fight, Mr. Bruce brought up another first for him: a black drum! We caught a few more black drum and then it was time to head back in.

The wind had died down and made for a cool, pleasant ride back to the docks. It was a successful day for us and especially for me. It's always a great feeling to put someone on their first of a certain species.


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