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Summer Flood Tide Tails

July 23, 2016

It's the height of the Summer and while the air outside is so hot and humid you almost can't stand it, there's one redeeming quality that makes you sweat in anticipation instead of from the heat: It's a tailing tide.

We left the dirt ramp 3 hours before high tide and cruised on to the flats. It's beer drinking time until the flat floods and redfish start belly crawling on the flat.

An evening flood tide is worth the trip just for the sights, sounds, and cold beverages alone. But, don't get me wrong, hooking up with a tailing red is like no other experience. The glistening triangle waving in the distance as the redfish digs for crabs sends a rush of emotions, sweaty palms, and maybe a tad of tunnel vision. We were able to nab a few but the ones that get away are just as special.

Cheers to loose, nervous loops and sunset rides home full of fish stories and smiles.

If you're interested in booking a tailing tide trip, give me a call or email me for good tides and good times. Tight Lines!

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