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The Future of Fishing in Montana's Disney Land

June 10, 2017

Make no mistake about it, the future of fishing lies in the hands of impressionable youngsters like these two hardcore fish-heads, and our mentorship of them. There may be no greater way to teach trout and river life skills than a 60 mile float down Montana's fabled Smith River. It is a full immersion experience in a fully captivating environment - Montana's Disney Land.

Bears, birds and brown trout were all on the scenery menu, and we were blessed with fantastic weather and a river in solid fishing shape for late May. Watching our kids take in the sights and sounds of their first multi-day river trip was reward enough, and adding in a few good fish bending their Echo Gecco flyrods into pretzels was a bonus.

This amazing resource is currently threatened by a proposed copper mine project in it's headwaters and it needs all of our support to be protected as the treasure that it currently is. Visit Save Our Smith or Smith River Watch for the full scoop and to offer your support.

We'll let a few more photos sum up the experience, but the moral to the story is two-fold; put the Smith River on your bucket list and take a kid fishing today.

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