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As the founder of Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters, I have been a fully qualified captain since 1996. My 100GT Masters license is awarded by the US ...


January 08, 2017

. We were catching Trigger fish most were 12” and released we did boat 1 that was 15” a few lane snapper but it was slow, and we were catching spinner sharks so I decided to make a move south hoping the water temp would increase and wed get away from the sharks. We started getting nicer lanes and some short vermilion snapper. I had a line with live bait on top and 2 live baits on the bottom. Both bottom lines hit off and we had 2 cobia on, the kid had 1 and the dad had another the kids got to the boat first but it was on a very long leader and it was a big fish. I tried to leader the fish and get it in position to galf it but it ended up breaking. The second fish go to the boat and I was able to net it on the first try, a nice 35” cobia

Body of water