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The Evolution of Nymphing - Introduction to Modern Nymphing

January 02, 2017

The majority of trout feeding occurs subsurface on nymphs and larvae. Fly angler's have been pursuing trout with various nymphing techniques for decades, but after more than 20 collective years of representing Fly Fishing Team USA, Devin Olsen and Lance Egan have been instrumental in the evolution of modern nymphing techniques. What was once an effective method for catching trout has now advanced to become even more deadly for maximizing ones efficiency on rivers and streams.

In the instructional video Modern Nymphing Devin and Lance begin with foundation and theory then progress to execution of advanced nymphing techniques. These new techniques are sure to bring any angler enjoyment, success and improved nymphing ability.

This four minute clip is an excerpt from the full film, and a small example of what is available to learn from purchasing the full video.

Full film duration: 1:23:00

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