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Hook And Vice Legends - Featuring Art Limber

October 11, 2017

Hook And Vice Legends is a documentary short film series featuring the legends of fly fishing in British Columbia and beyond. Our premier doc features Vancouver Island based professional fly tyer and long time fly fisherman Art Limber. Art is as Canadian as it gets and his humour, grit and dedication to craftsmanship above all else make this a great watch for all who love fishing.

Watch the long version here https://vimeo.com/233753782

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Great video.
I love seeing people do something that they care so much about. He's the real deal isn't he!
If you ever get the chance, stop by Art's fly shop in Nile Creek on Vancouver Island. He's full of stories, sells amazing flies and fly tying materials and is a all around great guy. Tell him that the crew from Hook And Vice sent you!