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Summer...Almost Here!

June 22, 2017

So while the weather goes in and out of pretending its summer we are still awaiting water flows to do the same and some are complying more quickly than others.

The Skykomish River has been at a great flow for the past week and we have even seen some steelhead come to hand here the past few days while swinging flies with the two hander. So there is that and we expect to see summer steelhead begin to enter the Cowlitz River in bigger numbers over the next couple of weeks spring boarding that fishery into action.

We are about to hit a warm spell so expecting to see creeks and the Forks of the Snoqualmie hit some high water over the next week which hopefully leads them into some flows that will stay sustainable for the rest of summer. The Cedar River about 20 minutes from downtown Seattle has been high as well but confident anglers have been aggressively wading it and finding some trout both on surface and subsurface flies.

Puget Sound has begun its Sand Lance season with these lovely little baitfish swimming around the cutthroat are going nuts but...with summer comes high sun and when it gets up in the sky they move deeper and become more of a challenge to find from shore so the gist of it is, start your day EARLY. Sun is up about 5am or so these days for those who haven't noticed! Pink salmon should begin showing their faces around here sometime in the next few weeks as well so look to start filling your fly box with all things pink as far as your flies go.

Hope to share some photos from the small waters or "blue lines" here on our next report. Have a great summer everyone.