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Waiting for the Take

October 11, 2016

Looking down the fly rod at the size 24 BWO moving slowly downriver, I wait patiently for the strike. When the fly moves unnaturally on the surface I recast. At the 5th reset, someone takes notice, BWO gets the look, a slow rise then gone. I watch the fish closely, it moves a few feet closer to me, then a few feet farther away. It is a decent sized rainbow. Lurking on the edge of the muck hanging from a submerged branch just about 20 feet out of the Sand Hole, my trout moves stealthily into the current then back into hiding.

I cast a half a dozen more times into the riffle above my hungry trout. Number seven floats by slowly. Trout looks, turns, follows, and the fly moves, no take. Eight hits the water a little hard, I think no way. Trout has already looked again, turned and SPLASH! goes the take. Fish on, trout runs hard away from me, bending my 4 wt rod hard toward the water. Releasing the reel, the rambunctious fish heads for the strong current, gently holding the line I slow my catch down. I begin Turning it ever so slowly so that his beeline turns to a slow arc away from me. I firmly turn the fly rod to the left, and my quarry runs back at me. Strip, strip, strip, until the line is tight again. It turns again, out of the water the fish jumps, fruitlessly flailing its body to no avail. Out of the water again, flailing bitterly against the taut line. This goes on for another 20 minutes, run, turn, jump, repeat.

As the trout tires, I can feel myself gaining line. Soon my trout is within netting range. Bent rod, turn left, lean right, scoop. Got it. Keeping my catch in the water, remove the hook with my trusty forceps. Still hanging in the net I measure the fish at 21 inches. Beautiful rainbow trout in the net, picture taken, and released to be caught by another lucky angler.

Tight lines anglers, may your fish be big and your net be filled.

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