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Salmon Count on the Nashwaak

December 09, 2016

Atlantic salmon in the Bay of Fundy are in trouble. Fisheries and Oceans Canada divides the bay into two populations - Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon and Outer Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon.

In the inner bay, federal authorities consider the population endangered. They have crashed from 40,000 fish in the mid-1980s to just a few individuals today.

The outer bay has not fared much better. Although they have not officially been declared endangered, an expert scientific panel recommends they should be.

In both cases intense open net pen salmon aquaculture, dams, and environmental change are listed as causes of decline. For anglers, this means some 60-salmon rivers, some that were hugely popular, have disappeared.

But there are glimmers of hope, like on the Nashwaak River earlier this year.

ASF's New Brunswick Program Director Nathan Wilbur joined colleagues from Fisheries and Oceans Canada and nearby First Nations communities to take stock of Atlantic salmon in the river. Check it out...