Finding Fall on Puget Sound

September 21, 2016

It is official, at least by weather standards anyway. Colder, crisper mornings with a bite to the wind even. Leaves are changing and salmon are running though most of the Sound is closed to protect low numbers of returning salmon. Hood Canal remains open to the pursuit of Coho and sea run cutthroat are beginning to show their fall personality of being quite curious about nearly any fly tossed in their direction.

Tides remain an important element to pay attention to and while it sounds a bit strange, hope for just a little wind if it is a sunny day just to keep that direct light from penetrating too deeply into the water.

Yesterday, 8 sea run cutts came to our fly of choice, the Sound Searcher, which imitates an injured baitfish. In general as long as there are fish around, they are going to be pretty receptive to your fly so get out there and present them something, let us know if we can assist.

Body of water