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Melbourn Reef

May 25, 2016

Yesterday I decide to do a scouting trip to an area I had fished in a couple of years, I took two friend s and off we went. The destination the south end of Melbourne reef and drift north, The Melbourne reef is in 180 feet of water and is approximately 15 miles long. It is 18 miles NE of Fort Pierce inlet. Plan was to drift north toward the rock piles if we couldn’t use the Minkota trolling motor. Depending on how that worked we had a few options do the drift again continue the drift further or the second spot was called spotty reef inshore about 5 miles, our third stop would have then been Bethel Shoals. As we headed out the, it was clear the weather forecast was incorrect once again by the time we were 8 miles out we were in a solid 3 foot sea and we could see storms off shore. We got in the area of the snapper hole witch was 6 miles from our intended destination. I turned the radar on and determined the storms were in the general area of our destination. We decided to change the plan and run north 6 miles to the south end of spotty reef in 90 feet of water and avoid the worst weather. We had purchased live bait at the dock as well. I put live bait down and instantly hooked up. It was the first red snapper I've caught in a long time. It was a beautiful fish measuring 29 “, we took a few pictures and released it. As I was fighting the snapper one of the guys hooked up on a dolphin which we were able to boat as well. We caught an released one other red snapper measuring 27 “ a mutton snapper at 25” and a second dolphin. We also caught a brunch of trigger fish, vermilion snapper and some nice size Lane snappers.

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